How does it work?
Given your XML export file, entries and comments are processed and all images are fetched on the Web.
Then all entries are sorted by year and month, comments are nested and images included into a book with professional quality thanks to LaTeX.

Can I create a BlogBook from my unlisted blog system?
The current blog sites supported are those based on WordPress, LiveJournal, Twitter, Tumblr, TypePad/MovableType, Ghost and Blogger.
Other blog systems could be supported (Most of the time, just an XML exporter is required), please contact in order to suggest yours.

How can I save the PDF produced?
If you are using Acrobat Reader, you have got a little icon (a disk) which let you do it. Or you can select "Save a copy of" in the File Menu.
You can also use the link provided at the end of the creation process and right click on it, then selecting "Save Link As" or something similar.
The PDF produced is you own stuff, you do whatever you want with it, It's NOT limited, you can print, copy/paste, anotate it, ...

Do you save files uploaded or anything else?
All files received, processed and sent are erased from the system within 12 hours. Most of the time, all files are erased few minutes after the end of process. Please see the "Privacy Notice".

Which software do you use?
Only free softwares (free like freedom), among them: pdfTeX, Lynx, ImageMagick, libXML2, libCURL, and GNU/Linux platform.

I keep getting invalid XML or "Oops something went wrong" message ?
This might be due to your blog system generating a bad XML file. Some output nearly XML like files which can not be validated. In order to determine if you upload a valid XML file, open it with your web browser. It will tell you if errors are encountered or not. If there are some, edit the XML file with a text editor.

I have various strange characters in my Blog Book
If your blog contains various languages, your blog system might not have converted some characters to UTF-8 (which represent all various characters in one standard encoding). Thus it is not possible to determine which character is represented by a code. This issue must be handled by your blog system.

Does BlogBooker include comments?
Comments are included if provided by your blog system or if contained in the export file you submitted.

I do not have any picture in my PDF?
For Blogger/Blogspot & WordPress blogs, please ensure that your blog is not private (see how to change your content visibility).
Otherwise, retry with option "No HTML Tables" checked.

Plans Payment
The payment of each plan is a one time payment.
It is NOT an auto-renewal / recurring payment.

Are BlogBooks public ?
No, all BlogBooks are private. Only you can access the generated BlogBook.
Public BlogBooks are only made public by their owner by posting the PDF or DOC on their blog / website.

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